Are your windows etched with hard water stains?

We can restore them to the original spot-free state. 

 Every property has windows that are a focal point of every home or business.  With that can come the inevitable issues of keeping them not only clean but a clear visual surface. Everything from hard water stains, scratches, acid burns, as well as oxidization can be a visual eyesore. Instead of costly repair or even replacement we can evaluate and determine the right approach to a full restoration. 


Using special compound methods we can restore glass back to it's original surface making the glass appear new again.



If buffing the surface is required, we use only the best and highest quality products that will ensure that all surface imperfections are addressed and taken care of.

Whatever your glass needs may be, we have the tools and know-how to restore your windows or glass doors to original without the costly repair of installing new sheets of glass on your home or business. 


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Nash Pressure Washing & Window Cleaning - Corpus Christi, Texas  

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"My family and I want to thank you for choosing us and supporting a local business."
Robby Nash- Owner

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Espejo Helicopters

We were so close to rewrapping our truck after it was recently vandalized but happened to meet @nashpressurewashing by coincidence first. Now it looks better than ever! πŸ˜€ Thank you for your fast AND convenient service!  πŸ€žπŸΌ they wash helicopters too πŸšπŸ€£ #nashpressurewashing#pressurewashing #boxtrucklife #freshandclean #mobile #espejoonthego