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Restaurant window cleaning

Window Cleaning Methods

There are two main methods for cleaning windows.  The traditional method is with a soapy solution applied via scrubber/applicator. Followed by a squeegee extraction to remove the dirty solution from the glass surface. The new method is with spot-free water and a water-fed-pole.  We offer both services.

Although the squeegee was the main staple of the window cleaning industry for nearly a hundred years, it has recently given way to a more efficient method that allows for a more thorough, faster, safer, and cost-effective cleaning.  However, this method is not suitable for all cleaning projects so our team of window cleaners is trained to effectively use a squeegee for spotless results.

We encourage you to try our service to experience what it's like to have crystal clear and clean windows.

Window Cleaning

If your glass is dirty, we can clean it. Equipped to clean up to 4 stories!

Multi story window cleaning


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